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Tourism Activities in Komodo Island Day Tours

The holiday season has arrived, this indicates that it’s time to tour soon. What plan will you do with your family? Yes, of course some decide to spend time with family at home and maybe some other families including your family, decide to go to a tourist spot. As we know that Indonesia is one country that has a variety of tourist attractions, one of which is Komodo Island. You can make komodo island day tours that really interested and cheap in price as well as.

Komodo Island is one of the natural attractions in Indonesia that is visited by many local tourists and foreign tourists. Lots of natural beauty that can be felt if you end up on the komodo wisata. There are a lot of tourism activities that can be done on Komodo Island, which is certainly not just seeing Komodo animals. Then, what are these activities? Here’s the review!

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For those of you who want to do komodo island day tours, it is advisable to find out what you can enjoy there. There are at least some tourist activities that can be done there. Well, some of the things that are very fun and fun can be seen in the following article..

Here Are Some Tourism Activities That Can Be Done on Komodo Island Day Tours

Here are some tourism activities that you and your family can do or visit when deciding to go to komodo island day tours:

  1. Visit Loh Liang
    Tourism activities that can be carried out on Komodo Island are the first to visit liang liang. In this place you can do some observations of edemic animals such as komodo, deer, wild boar and also birds. In addition to observing these animals you can also climb from the pillar to the mountain ara or do the exploration from the pillar to the tablets.
  1. Visiting Loh Buaya in Rica Island
    Well, tourism activities that can be done on the next Komodo island are visiting the Crocodile on the island of rica. In this place you will be pampered with shady and cool mangrove forests, savannas and also a variety of unique and funny wild animals. You can also take pictures with very beautiful views here. The most favorite place in this place is during the afternoon because tourists will be spoiled with a bunch of bats foraging.
  1. Trekking Pink Beach
    You know that in Komodo Island, you will enjoy our eye with beautiful attraction such as pink beach. You will also feel the beauty of the beach which is still clean and natural. In this place there are also several tourist huts, docks, walkways, information centers and cafeterias.

That is a tourist activity that can be done on komodo island day tours. In addition to the two places above you are also required to visit the Komodo village and the island as well because there are also a lot of beauty that is not less beautiful.